Q: Do I have to identify as or be Taiwanese to participate?

A: TAP-ATL welcomes all attendees of every identity, race, ethnicity, national origin, and political belief. Having an interest in Taiwan is the one thing attendees and volunteers may have in common, and we do not discriminate.

Q: Is TAP-ATL only for second-generation Taiwanese Americans?

A: TAP-ATL welcomes all interested members including international professionals living in the U.S. and recent immigrants to become active with TAP-ATL and attend our events.

Q: Is TAP-ATL a political organization?

TAP-ATL, through TACL, is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and fully adheres to the regulations of non-partisanship. We are a politically neutral organization. Regarding our stance on Taiwan’s status as a nation, TAP-ATL fully acknowledges the current status of Taiwan as a sovereign and independent nation. We believe in self-determination and the furthering of Democracy for Taiwan and all people of the world. Please note TAP-ATL’s programs focus is primarily on the community of Taiwanese Americans in Atlanta, Georgia.

Q: What age group is TAP-ATL?

A: TAP-ATL is to benefit all Taiwanese Americans regardless of age. However, the majority of the programming has been aimed at the young generation.  There are no set age restrictions.

Q: Where does TAP-ATL get its funding?

A: TAP-ATL fundraises its own operating budget from events, and the support of businesses, foundations, other non-profits, schools, and individuals.

Q: How do I become involved with TAP-ATL?

A: TAP-ATL officers serve one year terms, and staff is recruited on a rolling basis. All TAP-ATL officers serve as unpaid volunteers. Involvement can range from being a coordinator or volunteer for a program such as an internship, or camp, to organizing and executing an event. Please contact info@tap-atl.org if interested.